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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing started a while after the internet was in play and now the internet has been taken over by cloud computing. Cloud computing is the preferred choice for organizations that are process-driven. The need for the presence of an employee in a specific location is eliminated and personnel can simply open up a browser, type in their credentials, and start working. The mobility of managers translates directly into uncompromised resources. This concept allows the user to access and store data with ease. An empowering tool, a cloud may be termed as a collective conscience with guarded access. This is the present and future of companies that understand the benefits and possess an aptitude for globalization.

The prompt implementation, lesser capital investment, abundance of storage space, and flexible scalability are some of the factors that can help a team with aligned interests. Sharing data and ensuring you transmit and receive up-to-date information is possible due to cloud computing. Unlike software, cloud applications are low maintenance, and resources are not wasted on patching and upgrading. A cloud can be accessed from any location using a device an internet connection. This also demands a higher level of security. Cloud provides better security and the loss of a device is not the highest threat. Managing the operations of a company can be challenging but upgrading the infrastructure is the one-point solution to overcome all hurdles. And all of this is possible without buying any hardware or software as the cloud company that runs the app does it all for you.

Cloud computing has a lot more than simple data storage and while most businesses do not have time to explore, we help in build the systems for you to unlesh greater advantages of cloud computing. Cloud services are used for document creation, sharing, and storage. They are also useful for everything from backing up data to social CRM and accounts.




Enterprise resource planning is a type of software utilized by companies to carry on daily operations. ERP systems gather, assimilate and organize all the data available in the company. ERP systems ensure synergy amongst the myriad essential business processes for unobstructed data flow. ERP accumulates and assesses an organization’s data from numerous origins and eliminates the risk of duplication of data. ERP systems are essential for managing businesses and their operations irrespective of their sizes in all sectors. ERP systems share a database and all data goes through a single system. For example, all departments of the same company like accounting, procurement, warehouse management, supply chain operations, and so on can access any data fed by any manager in either of the departments.

The influence of ERP systems on modern-day enterprises is profound and the benefits cannot be ignored. Real-time data refines business insights and at times provides windows of opportunities. Prompt collaboration and unwavering infrastructure pave the way for unparalleled efficiency. ERP systems have lower operational as well as management expenses and minimize risks through data integrity. Examples of ERP systems are decision support systems, human resources, and sales order processing. These allow companies to store information, blueprints, statistics, manuals, in a single and easily accessible location. Visual representation of data, varied choices of deployment (cloud, on-premise, or hybrid), easy integration with other software solutions, and of course multinational support are some of the comforts of ERP systems. These equip an organization with higher productivity and enhanced agility. Hosted by the ERP vendor and provided as a service to organizations, cloud ERP supports better functionality.

Bespoke ERP solutions increase efficiency and setting up smart systems free resources that are otherwise tied up in mundane processes. Streamlining processes boosts employee productivity and gives everyone a comfortable way of going about their work and focusing on their expertise.



A comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions for a thriving relationship with your customers. Assist your team curate bespoke products and services by identifying precise customer needs.

Customer Relationship Management is one of the cornerstones for every organization. Thriving customer relations are the gateway to progress. CRM is a congregation of technology used to implement strategies, accumulate data, acquire customers and deliver services to ensure customer retention. CRM is a tool that ensures seamless user interaction which culminates in satisfied customers.

CRM software is the backbone of the company and allows the departments in the organization to work more efficiently by improved cooperation. CRM software can assist you with anticipating customer needs by analyzing customer responses and touch-points. It helps you understand your customers better and makes targeted marketing more fruitful. CRM software can be used to gather insights through surveys and reviews to identify growth opportunities. Scanning social media platforms and email campaigns manually are nearly impossible. Data analysis of this can give the company a fair idea regarding the public image. CRM software is a competent tool that can collate and present data collected from multiple sources.

Processing raw data to benefit the company is easier with CRM software. We design and deliver personalized CRM solutions. We help you assimilate data to your advantage and engage meaningfully with your customers. We can help you ideate, strategize, and execute your vision to ensure it aligns with the interests of your customers. We can help you create dashboards according to your areas of expertise to monitor the information that pertains to you. Faster and more efficient communication of customer needs results in customer loyalty. We help keep your customer service team updated and knowledgeable through easily accessible data and real-time collaboration. This directly translates to higher customer satisfaction through a shorter problem resolution period.



B2B Applications

B2B applications are used to accumulate, present, market, and sell products and services, facilitating the complete automation of key processes.

B2B applications are used to link businesses, clients, or employees within the organization. Some B2B applications are open to being used by the public while some are utilized only for in-house purposes. Most B2B applications are curated to fulfill specific needs. Inventory management, project management, managing supply chains, distribution, and other such functions can be facilitated by these applications. The use of B2B applications ensures optimum usage of the resources available through automation and consequently improves productivity.


There are two types of B2B applications that are generally used. The first kind is when the applications can be downloaded from a company website or through app stores. These are generally open to the public and can be used by anyone. The second kind is when the applications are used by the employees of a specific organization. These applications generally required access details like the employee number. If your application is going to be available on the app store then the guidelines and standards need to be met without infractions. The target market for B2B applications is businesses that wish to acquire other businesses as clients.

We help you establish synergy within the organization and with other businesses by fashioning products and services that will help you deliver excellence every time. B2B applications are an elegant solution to all your needs. The customizable user interface and customer reach through these applications improve the efficiency of businesses. B2B applications can untangle complex operations into factions and make it easier to manage your business. The vitality of operations is managed by specific process customizations for the smooth functioning of daily operations. Our B2B applications help you and your clients to remain in tandem. With our help, you can manage your businesses with just a few clicks.



B2C Applications

B2C applications are the tools used by manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers.

Business-to-consumer applications are a business model which allows companies to directly sell products and services to customers without employing a middleman. B2C applications are a successful digital market that caters to customer needs. Unlike B2B applications, B2C applications deal with transactions and requirements on a smaller number. B2C applications constitute a higher volume of business because of their reach. These are customized to suit the needs of the company. B2C applications provide ancillary avenues for revenue generation. Apart from direct sellers, online intermediaries and advertising can be equally beneficial.

B2C models are the new normal. The efficiency and promptness of delivering a product to a customer have caused B2C applications to thrive. The transparency and smoother flow of the process have given customers the power. Comfort, convenience, and assurance of quality are responsible for the gradual paradigm shift from retailers to B2C models. B2C applications engage customers by providing personalization. When selling to a retailer, the finer details of the presentation are overlooked. The priority of a single customer is the presentation along with the quality of the product. B2C applications eliminate the markups and manufacturers have direct access to the consumers. The assets of a company with B2C applications are more liquid and maintaining them requires lesser resources.

Being a part of the virtual market is important and we will help you own that. We will help your ideas take shape through dynamic designing. We will help you present your services and products on your platform and your terms. The applications that we construct will assist you to convert your prospective buyers into regular customers. Let the sincerity of your promises be reflected in your B2C applications. Embrace the vitality of B2C applications and always stay a step ahead by anticipating consumer needs and catering for them through bespoke designing.  



E-commerce Solutions

 Christening your footprints online, creating stunning storylines, increasing. your organic growth and overall customer volume base is just the tip of our E-commerce solutions. Our team at MYDBQ, create, design and implement personalized E-commerce solutions that not only take your business online but open it to a wider audience globally.

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IT Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure management includes everything from computers, servers to cloud-based services. IT infrastructure encompasses all operational elements of an organization. A robust infrastructure enables employee empowerment and better compartmentalization of resources. The reliance on tangibles and intangibles to accomplish tasks demands greater emphasis on an enhanced user experience. The motive of IT infrastructure is to enable control of the functions and create a structure for myriad operations which involve hardware, software, and networking. The ultimate aim is to improve business productivity. Due to the complexity of the infrastructure, it is generally broken down into sections.

The services provided by the IT structure management team are generally supportive in nature. IT infrastructure management gives you procedural agility and can assist you with anticipatory management strategies. Automation of operational requirements decreases labor costs or long-term engagement of resources that can be redirected. Centralized information and better capacity planning streamlines operations. Personnel is equipped with the information required for scaling growth and meeting the demands of overall business strategies.

You can rely on our team to support daily operations and maintain productivity. We offer real-time management and solutions. With user requirements and consumer expectations on the rise, we provide simple solutions for complex processes. Seamless functioning of your business is a necessity and we offer network management to data storage, from building your IT support team to vendors, from server management to systems management. We ensure you keep up with the evolving landscape of IT infrastructure with cost-efficient functionality, real-time views, mobility, reliability, multi-tiered reporting, security enhancements, and capacity optimization. The demand for these will continue to grow and we will enable a smooth flow for your business which allows competitive growth, identifying and encashing opportunities, and superior customer experience.

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Enterprise Application

An enterprise application is a vast software system network designed to run in a corporate environment or large-scale organizations.

These applications intend to structure the business functions and chart how the entire organization works. These applications are useful for data representation, manipulation, and storage. These are useful for processing a large amount of data. EA software consists of a cluster of programs designed for unmatched functions. EAs are developed using enterprise architecture. It empowers users by giving them full control and the ability to customize abundantly. It is easy to modify and a new requirement can be incorporated within the software easily. These are designed to promote the needs of the organization by supporting e-commerce and enterprise collaboration.


EA software services encompass a plethora of operations ranging from HR management to business process management. Enterprise applications are primarily ideated to collaborate with other enterprise applications in the company and to be employed across a spectrum of networks. The ongoing trend in enterprise applications is to move to cloud computing. The enterprise can move its infrastructure to the cloud and provide on-demand service to an organization’s computers through the internet.

We will help you meet the strict requirements for security and administrative management. Enterprise applications are ideated for large-scale use. They are crucial to data quality and are the central hub for data coming from various sources. We ensure complete automation of workflow by flexibility in IT infrastructure and enhanced data sharing and management. Apart from simplifying business processes, we offer a mode of complete control over the operations of your organization. Prompt information exchange and reduction in costs and investments increase opportunities and adaptation to complex processes. We are committed to engineering custom-made enterprise solutions that enable your business to function smoothly. We can help you sync business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders with the business.



Robotic Process Automation

The procedure of automating computer-based tasks requires a software technology known as Robotic Process Automation. Software robots record and store actions and replicate them to implement business processes without human intervention.

RPA bots can be programmed to endorse the same skills as employees. They can work with any system or application. Bots are versatile and can work with any system or interface and do not require any modifications to the existing operations to automate. These are simple to set up and utilize. This digital task force can be customized and can execute processes throughout the company.

RPA has a quantifiable impact on the efficiency of business processes. Immediate cost reduction, faster processes, and better accuracy improve business outcomes. Quicker resolution and faster responses lead to customer satisfaction. Personnel is free to work on their area of expertise, while bots provide support round the clock. Value-added tasks like data analysis and business strategies can be dealt with by employees and the mundane tasks can be facilitated by RPA robots. This ensures meaningful employee engagement and contribution. These software applications can log into other applications, compute data, commence and complete the task to fruition, enter and copy data to create a seamless workflow. RPA technology can enable a complete digital transformation through compliance with regulations and standards of business operations and processes. The high volume and speed of data handling with zero errors make RPA a pivotal part of all software.

RPA is useful for industries that demand repetitive tasks. If you are exploring new ways to automate processes with limited human intervention, then our RPA software would be the one to choose. Our RPA experts present you with a detailed analysis on improving processes, design a system-based problem-solving approach, thereby creating new cost-effective avenues within the existing business parameters and thereby increasing employee productivity too.



Block chain Technologies

Blockchain technology is a decentralized link of data that allows sharing of unchangeable data to permitted members.

Duplication of records and third-party validations can be eliminated with the help of blockchain technology. This mainly enables operations of storing dealings and tracing assets in a company’s network. Anything of value, whether it is intangible or tangible can be traded on a blockchain network. This reduces risks and costs as well. Blockchain technologies provide faster and more accurate data. The shared network can be accessed and ensures immediate and transparent information. This shared database gives you a single truth and every facet of a transaction from production to sale and payments. The data available can be viewed without duplication.

Once a transaction is recorded in a blockchain network, it cannot be tampered with and is secure. Faster data verification and higher transaction volumes have seeded the need for blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology’s most popular use is cryptocurrency. It is a good example of shared and transparent data amongst a high number of users in a secure way. Newer applications of blockchain technology have widened the potential and the implementation has crossed boundaries into other sectors. The security of this technology is of prime importance and paves way for sharing intellectual property, medical records and also assists in tracking fraud in the finance sector.

Blockchain technology is ideal for creating high-speed online trading platforms and tracking logistical data. Blockchain technologies have untapped potential and we can help you create impactful solutions to complex problems using these. We look at offering consulting services and aim to upgrade your business in line with the latest technologies. We can help identify and execute customizable solutions to create a secure network of data and identify opportunities to maximize productivity and enhance consumer satisfaction through the implementation of blockchain technologies.

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